Political Careers Research


My political careers research provides fascinating insights into the complexities of political life and its implications for governance and society. My studies address critical questions such as the relationship between representative ambition and political behaviour, factors influencing female members' departure from the European Parliament, and the behavioral consequences of candidate selection processes. Please find examples of recent or ongoing work below.

Political Institutions

Did you ever wonder how parties meet their representational goal (i.e. quota)? Our current working paper (Under revision) with Philip Manow and Tomas Turner-Zwinkels shows.

Womens' Political Careers

A number of current working papers deal with the political careers of women  parliamentarians and highlight their specific challenges. They deal with women in parliamentary leadership positions (with Corinna Kröber), with parliamentary exit and post-parliamentary careers as well as European career paths (with Jeremy Dodeigne

Political Careers and Behavior

A current working paper with Jeremy Dodeigne studies the relationship between career ambition and legislative behaviour in the EP using great Evolv'EP longitudinal Data.